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Members agreement v 0.1

By browsing, logging in, downloading from or uploading files to you are acknowledging the fact that you are joining a test run for a yet-to-be-released and yet-to-be-distributed webapplication called Zaza, which is based on software originally distributed under the GPL v2 license and then modified and further developed by Videoplugger Limited and installed on a private server owned by Videoplugger Ltd for internal purposes.

You are also acknowledging and accepting that using for delivery or downloading of any multimedia content does not give you any right to the distribution or any license of the software called Zaza on which services are running and that you do neither have any right or license on the software itself nor to be part of any distribution; you acknowledge and accept that does not represent any sort of distribution of the software called Zaza; you therefore accept to contribute to the test run of Zaza and the platform and that you do not expect to be paid for this; you are also acknowledging that you may be charged by Videoplugger ltd for the hosting and the distribution of your Clips and media assets uploaded or made available by you or your organisation.

By using this platform, or even browsing without logging in to the system, you accept that the copyright of the content of the Clips distributed via belong to their publishers and to the respective copyright owners. You are also acknowledging that this content is being distributed only for promotional purporses and that the use of this content is limited by the restrictions imposed by the respective copyright owners and by the promoters who publish or published the Clips.
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